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i wouldn’t say /terrible/

High questionable?

she hasn’t fully come out yet so he doesn’t count

gd technicalities

that she does

jeez you don’t have to insult yourself there, kol ;)


Meredith is an intelligent woman.  She was an A+ student, worked hard to make it through med school and was offered a variety of positions.  She came back to Mystic Falls because it is where she knows she is needed.  She has continued to do what she can for the town in hopes of it finding some sort of balance or peace.

Her biggest flaw: she has terrible taste in men.

you should publish this list

Some of it is actually canon too. *facepalms*

jeremy is proof of these bad choices

There are multiple names on that list.

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And you're about to find out just how good, pet.

Something tells me I won’t be disappointed.