Meredith Fell

Sarcastic doctor, lover of humanity, big fat cheater and proud of it. (Also home to a teenage version of Meredith - a bit more mouthy than her adult counterpart but at her core she is the beginnings of who Meredith will become)

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"You're so in love with Damon, it's obvious"

Send my muse “You’re so in love with _____, it’s obvious” for their reaction.

"Your pupils aren’t focusing properly —— just how hard did you hit your head.”

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Send my muse “You’re so in love with _____, it’s obvious” for their reaction.

RP tagging game.

  1. Name of your muse.
    Meredith Fell
  2. One picture you like best of your muse’s fc. 

     (not exactly a photo but this is classic Meredith)

  3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone.  
     Meredith was bitten as a teenager.  Her parents had been feeding her vervain so she was able to escape.  She felt foolish for getting herself into the situation in the first place.
    2) She got a lot of her research on vampire blood from the journals of the Fell Family (some of it comes from Augustine research though she does not know that specifically).
  4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time.  Drinking, eating, sleeping — she is not all complicated in that regard.
  5. Four people that your muse loves.
    Verse specific: Alaric, Damon, Nik, Hazel
  6. Three fond childhood memories. 
    1.)Sneaking away from Founder’s Parties with Mason Lockwood
    2.)Eating her weight in ice cream with her cousin Logan Fell (and not the stomach ache that followed)
    3.) Being a part of the Mystic Founder’s Day Parade (when she was very young and not yet jaded in all things Founding Families).
  7. Two things your muse regrets. 
    1.) Not telling anyone that she gave Elena vampire blood.
    2.) Not figuring out the connection between Alaric and the ring sooner
  8. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change. 
    To just make Mystic Falls feel normal again
  9. Tag ten people to do the same thing. Anyone who wants to do it up! 


A sigh escaped her lips. She knew Meredith meant well, and she appreciated the concern; she just wasn’t interested.


“Build a time machine. Learn a spell to raise the dead. Find a way to help me ensure I’m going to get my best friends back.”

Another misfire —- time for a change of direction.


"We both know that I am wholly inadequate in all those departments.  Elena, how’s school going?" 



     “No. Not really.”

Stupid question gets the obvious answer.  Meredith pursed her lips for a moment wishing she hadn’t asked it.  

"I guess —- well, I guess that is to be expected.  I know you’ve heard this many times, but is there something I can do?"

   ” —— are you okay?”  Stupid question really, all things considering but she didn’t know what else to say.

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Everyone is hurting, and that sucks. But I’m sick of seeing shit about how Alaric is responsible for Damon not making it back.

You know, Bonnie and Ric are a lot alike. They both go into a fray when they should maybe put themselves first from time to time. They’re both victims of circumstance. But that’s irrelevant here.

The point I am making is that Bonnie grabbed Ric first. So please stop acting like he made a conscious decision to beat Damon back into the world. 




One good thing about having my computer go down is that I watched all of Season 4 of Haven in a few days.  SO FUCKING GOOD —- probably my favorite season yet.  

But boo, now I have no more Haven to watch.  Thank God it comes back in a few weeks! 

That takes care of what I think I owe for Meredith (besides my reply for ricsidiotbestfriend my brain can’t handle OMG BABIES WHY right now).

If I owe you a reply and you see this message, please let me know! I have tried to keep track but we all know how reliable tumblr’s methods are! 

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