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6 Word Poem (via incoloure)


“Yeah, that’s exactly what I want,” he replied, conviction in his tone. He reached out, slowly—no sudden movements after the stunt he’d just pulled—and he placed his hands on her shoulders. “Do you remember what Katherine did to Elena? Hijacked her body? — She was descended from a line of people called travelers. They all have the ability to do what she did to anyone they want, and they’re in Mystic Falls.”


“They can take over any body they want, other than Jeremy Gilbert. Hunter brain. There’s only one weapon that can kill them, and we no longer have it.”

She followed his hands with her gaze but then relaxed when they landed on her shoulders.  There was something very familiar about his touch; it eased the tension.  Just a little.  Because truthfully she was doing her best to wrap her head around what he was saying.  ”Just like that?  They take over?” She questioned but already knew the answers.  It always just took the rest of her a moment to catch up.  She pressed her lips together.  ”It never ends…”

"What do they want, Damon? There has to be a reason…" But then again did she really want to know it?  "So, what about you?  Are you hiding away so you don’t get bodysnatched?"


The answer could have been a leftover memory a traveler could cling to, he wasn’t sure how it worked; but the slap against his chest and telling him to put away his fangs? That was all Meredith. He did as he was told, an apologetic expression crossing his features.


“Listen.. This is going to sound really controlling, but I’m going to need you to stay in the apartment for the next several days. Don’t go to work, don’t go to the store, don’t even go out to check your mailbox. Not until I tell you it’s clear. And if I start acting funny? You don’t let me anywhere near you no matter what you have to do. — Okay?”

Meredith stepped closer now, a bit wary. Not of him — but of what made him decide it would be a good idea to pull his fangs out.  He wouldn’t just do it on the fly or as a joke.  At least not around her, not knowing how she would react.  She was going to ask what the hell had gotten into him but she never got the chance.

"Okay, now…now you are officially creeping me out.  You want me to go into self imposed solitary confinement?  And then if you start acting funny…which, you’re going to have to define by the way…you want to keep you at bay by any means necessary?  What the hell is going on, Damon?!”


Suddenly his senses were on high alert. His posture straightened out and he narrowed his eyes at her, the whites turning a deep blood red. This conversation couldn’t continue until he was sure he was talking to the real Meredith and not some impostor hitching a ride in her body and attempting to gain information.


“What’s the last thing I said to you this morning?”

Meredith furrowed her brows together as Damon stiffened.  Seconds later he was in full on vamp mode and she was none to pleased about it.  She stopped in her tracks and made a face.  ”What kind of question is that?”

Then she sighed.  ”You told me I’d be sorry I didn’t just crawl back in bed with you instead of going to work.” With that she slapped on the chest.  ”Now put your fangs away!”