Meredith Fell

Sarcastic doctor, lover of humanity, big fat cheater and proud of it. (Also home to a teenage version of Meredith - a bit more mouthy than her adult counterpart but at her core she is the beginnings of who Meredith will become)

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"Can’t go anywhere without my baby. And she’s sick, so we ain’t going anywhere until I get parts.
     Not cuttin’ anyone open later today, I hope. ‘cause I sharked some of your local idiots at pool last night, and I’m loaded.”

"Your baby —— you know I have heard the same sentiment expressed many times, just never about a car.  Must be a hell of a vehicle.

I am off the clock for the next 32 hours.  Plenty of time to help you spend your ill gotten gains.”


"Quite an impressive and extensive analysis. Specially considering that it was one performed at first glance no less. Nevertheless… Professionals in your area used to show precisely the same kind of confidence when they assured their patients that the cure for their suffering resided in allowing leaches to seek for their blood. Then again…Perhaps they were lacking your sharp instincts." He suggested with a private smirk examining her for a couple of seconds. "In the name of equality being that the case…I am Elijah." He extended his arm gently in a casual gesture. "Its a pleasure."

Hmmmm, she was definitely curious.  There was something about him that had her wondering.  Her lips quirked at the corners, a near smile at his words. “I’ve been doing this awhile.  Besides if you were really sick, I am sure you would have protested more instead of giving me a backhanded compliment,” she summarized.  Then her eyes widened just a little at his name.  Elijah. She knew that name.  It was on the list of those she should avoid (so helpfully provided by Damon).  Brother to Klaus and Kol (whom she already had the pleasure).  Still, she didn’t let on that she knew (at least she hoped she didn’t).  Instead she reached out to shake his hand like he was just another regular human being.  ”Nice to meet you, Elijah.  So, if you are not sick —- are you here to visit someone?”



                                             His body shakes  with a laugh that does not
                         come  out  up his throat —  the  slow  smile  teasing  across  his  
                         lips  exudes the  exact  opposite  of  it’s  desired  effect:  e a s e  
                         between them.  It would have been feigned, of course,  a mask
                         to bring some fun into this town for just one night —!

                                             ❛I know  that  friends  don’t   seem  like  something
                         anyone in  this  town  is  capable  of  having,  or  holding onto.
                         With  all  the  betrayals  and  secrets.    Hell,  even  in  my  own
                         family you’re more like to get  a  dagger  in the back instead of
                         an actual finished conversation… ❜ 

                                             ❛But I’m bored, Kol states. ❛Entertain me.❜


Meredith wondered if this was some sort of twisted karma —- she had behaved herself lately, kept out of everything, avoided the Salvatores and all who came with them like the plague.  Played the part of the blissfully ignorant. 

So how was it that she was currently standing opposite him.  Especially considering that smile of his. 

She shifts her posture a little, maintains a relative calm exterior (while screaming internally of course).  ”We’re definitely a unique little town.  I am actually thinking about moving.  Somewhere warm, less…fangy,” she told him.  

Then furrowed her brows.

"Entertain you?" She repeated.  "I am not sure I am the best for the task really —- I’m a pretty boring person…you might be better off finding entertainment elsewhere.  Uh, I can offer you a drink.  Alcohol based of course."  Of course — Meredith Fell did not do donations.


"Well that hurried diagnosis could prove to be misguided in some regards but I suppose that the medical profession is not particularly concerned about  relativism and poetic misconceptions…Meredith Fell, I presume?"

"You don’t appear to be in any pain.  No blood, no fever.  No obvious signs, not always full proof —— but something tells me you are just fine.  And yes, I am Meredith Fell.  I feel at a bit of a disadvantage with you knowing my name and me not having the faintest clue.”


     ❛Now, don’t be rude, darling. That’s not a way to
   speak to your elders, I come in peace, I promise.


                         ❛And you’re right, we’ve met: we never got to finish
                                    our little chat uninterrupted though

"Forgive me —— but this town has made me just a tad bit skeptical when it comes to the whole come in peace premise.  No offense to you, of course.”

" —— I wasn’t aware there was anything left in the conversation. Hadn’t we covered it all?"


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                    ❛— — I don’t think we’ve really had the pleasure of being
                         properly introduced, before lots of incessant scheming
                                                           got in the way… 

"Are you sure?  I thought we did.  I remember your name —- Kol.  Didn’t I give you mine?  Get lost…”